The girl group NATURE presented event for the New Year Holidays of Korea.

NATURE has attracted attention by showing up with rice cake while going in to the music program ‘Music Bank’ of KBS2 held in Open Hall of the New Wing in Yeouido KBS.
NATURE, who held rice cake instead of ‘star wand’, their trademark, for the new year holiday, showed the choreography of the ‘Dream About U’ on the spot and received pouring flashes. 

After finished their choreography, NATURE gave away the rice cakes they brought for the fans and the reporters. There was cute message indicated on the rice cake ‘NATURE GAVE ME RICE CAKE! HAPPY NEW YEAR!’ which made people happier. 

NATURE, who is continuing their activity with the song ‘Dream About U’ will continue their lovely stages in ‘Music Bank’ of KBS, ‘Show! Music Core’ of MBS, and ‘Popular Music’ of SBS. 

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