[THE FACT] 'Jaehyun’s Birthday Event Ongoing! 

‘FAN N STAR’, an idol weekly information site, is running a birthday support for Jaehyun of the group NCT on the 31st. 

This project is a big event where the birthday celebrations will be displayed in many places. 

The birthday messages written by the fans will be displayed together with the photos of Jaehyun. Random pick of 5 messages selected will be displayed. 

Participation can be done in the website of ‘FAN N STAR’ in ‘STAR MARKET’ page. Fans will contribute their star points to Jaehyun. Star points can be easily collected by completing various star points collecting missions.

Currently, Jaehyun’s birthday project achieved 19%. While the event continues until 3rd, it gets attention whether the birthday project will succeed or not.

‘FAN N STAR’ is an idol weekly ranking site operated by THE FACT. THE FACT is holding ‘THE FACT MUSIC AWARDS’ at Namdong Gymnasium in Incheon on April 24.

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