The new eight-member girl group Dream Note greeted for the new year.

The member of Dream Note (Youi, Boni, Lara, Miso, Sumin, Eunjo, Habin and Hanbyeol) wore Korean traditional outfit called Han Bok and sent the greeting message to their fans.

In the posting image of Dream Note members are wearing colorful Han Bok and it captured the attention of the members of Dream Note.

Additionally, Dream Note said, “The Year of the Golden Pig is just around the corner in 2019. I hope you enjoy the New Year holidays with your family” and “Don't forget to drive safely! When you're sleepy, listen to our debut song “DREAM NOTE” to prevent drowsy driving! Have a good New Year as planned, everyone! Thank you” 

Dream Note had a successful debut in the music industry by releasing their debut album "Dreamlike" in November last year, as a follow up song "Like you" with the title song, "DREAM NOTE" and showed their abilities as Girl group unlike rookie.

Dream Note has meaningfully finished their debut album activities, and planning to speed up preparation for the new album in order to make a comeback with an upgraded.

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