Bae Jin Young's official fan club name contest has been began.

C9 Entertainment released the video clips of Bae Jin Young's first official fan club contest through official SNS and YouTube accounts at midnight on Wednesday.

Bae Jin Young said "My first official fan club is being recruited at Interpark. I would like to ask many of fans to join me for my new start, and we will also hold a name contest to call our fans on my official fan cafe. Please support us with names that can be called together.

Contest for the name of Bae Jin-young's fan club began today at 0:00 pm until 5:10 pm on Feb. 7. Only once per person can be supported through official fan cafe, and fans are already coming up with diverse ideas. Bae Jin young will be the one who pick the name of the official fan club.

Members of Bae Jin young's first official fan club has been collecting through Interpark ticketing since the 28th, will be given priority on official schedule and benefit from advance reservations when holding concerts or fan meetings in Korea.

Especially, the official member card with Bae Jin-young's signature will be delivered to a total of 10 people with random numbers, which is increasing of fans' expectations and allow them to sign up for the fan club until 11:59 p.m. on Feb 12.

And Bae Jin young successfully finished his one and a half year career through the 2019 Wanna One concert, will meet his fans with upgraded appearance. 

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