[The Fact] What is the special gift from the fans?

FAN N STAR provides information of idol groups, is progressing the birthday project for singer Baek Chung Kang on Wednesday. This event is a support type electronic display board event that fans of Korea, China and Japan can participate in.

On the display board, a birthday message written by fans will be shown with a picture of Baek Chung Kang. The success of the project is confirmed by the number of stars (points) that fans donate.

Participation in the event can be progress on the 'FAN N STAR' homepage and on the mobile application. Fans are possible to collect the stars from various activities, and can donate the star to the birthday market of Baek Chung Kang.

Baek Chung Kang’s birthday supports is continuing until March 10.

The FAN N STAR and idols anniversary display board event is open to all the fans.

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