Boy group TST showed off the incredible visual and sensibility.

TST released the photo last 29th starting with Yong Hyeon and Ain, and on 30th, Jung Hoon, K, Yo Han’s 3rd single ‘WAKE UP’ also released the photography through official SNS channel.

Jung-hoon reveals his chic look with his deep mood eyes. K shows off his contrasting charm with his warm mood eyes, and also Yo Han shows off his matured visual and sweet mood as he look, most of fans are expecting of their concept In the photography,

TST’s "WAKE UP" is a song that shows a cheerful rhythm and a bouncy mood, fans are expecting of their changes.

The member of TST, they released personal concept photo, and various contents will be released in the future also the song “WAKE UP” will be unveiled on various music websites at 6 pm, on Feb 11.

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