[The Fact] FAN N STAR is website that pick the weekly rank of idols operate by The Fact, it has been opened the Birthday support of Rocky(ASTRO).

FAN N STAR opened the birthday support of Rocky. His birthday is this coming Feb 25th, and lot of his fans are supporting his electronic display board event in FAN N STAR. 

The support of Rocky operate by FAN N STAR, if his fans donate 100,000 stars in the website, his birthday greeting message film will be showing through electronic display board in Shinjuku, Japan.

Additionally if he reaches 200,000 stars, electronic display board in Tokyo, Japan, the cheering film will be released at 43 stations on subway line 2 in Seoul. If it reaches 500,000 stars, it will be screened in travel bus for foreigners in Korea, and if it reaches 700,000, it will show a congratulatory film through the Apgujung CGV screen, getting a lot of attention from his fans.

ASTRO topped the list for the first time since they debut with "All Night" on LIVE Broadcast of SBS's MTV The Show 29th

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