[The Fact] Ryeo Wook  the member of ‘Super Junior’ topped the rank for the 9th consecutive week.

From the 28th of last month to the 4th, FAN N STAR held fifth week of January in artist Ranking, Ryeo Wook topped the rank with 19,676 votes, Next Kim Jae Joong got the second place with 113,517 votes and Hwang Chi Yeul got the third place with 101,333 votes.

If the artist is ranked first for five consecutive weeks, FAN N STAR will screen the news of the first place in and the electronic display board in Korea and Shinjuku, Japan. additionally, the artist keep their top spot for ten consecutive weeks, they will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The winner has a special benefit such as showing news of the award through electronic boards located in Korea and Japan.

And one of the fan said “Happy new year Ryeo Wook and Congratulations on winning the first place” The FAN N STAR will hold a "The Fact FAN N STAR Festival" at the southeastern sports center in Incheon this coming April 24.

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