The new three member boy group TREI introduced in their first reality program, "TREI Time Begins," through Naver V LIVE on the morning of the 31st.

TREI visited a board game cafe and enjoyed playing. "Some of the games have to be lucky, For example, like claw crane games. "I'm so nervous", Kim Jun Tae said before the start of the game.

As the first game, TREI chose Tumbling Monkey game. "It's a fair, 100 percent lucky game, we don’t need to be serious." they start the game with Kim Jun Tae first, and Chae Chang Hyun, last Lee Jae Jun played the game.  

The members of the TREI became serious in the game. Lee Jae Jun was able to roll the dice to select the orange color stick, accidentally pulled the blue stick together and made members laugh, and he said "first time can be understandable right. And finally Lee Jae Jun became looser who dropped 15 monkeys.

Kin Jun Tae and Chae Chang Hyun dropped 8 monkeys, they played a rematch to decide the winner. Chae Chang Hyun learn the skill during the game he catch the monkey with the stick and Kim Jun Tae was trying to copy his skill but failed. And Finally Chae Chang Hyun got the place of winner in Tumbling Monkey and the next board game will be shown in "TREI Time Begins" 6th episode next week.

TREI is a three member new group composed with Lee Jae Jun, Chae Chang hyun and Kim Jun Tae, and they received a lot of attention as all members of the group have been singing and writing and producing as a singer song writers even before their official debut.

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