The popular idol duo MXM successfully finished their first American performance and proved their potential abilities as a global rookie.

'MXM 1ST MEET & LIVE US TOUR' started their first performance at MINNEAPOLIS on January 18th, JERSSEY CITY on the 20th, ATLANTA on the 21st, HOUSTON on the 23rd, and LOS ANGELES on the 25th, and ended the tour at SANOS on January 26th.

MXM's performed their most recent song ‘KNOCK KNOCK’ with their debut song ‘IM THE’ ONE’, the title song of 2nd mini album [MATCH UP] ‘DIAMOND GIRL’ and title song of full length album [MORE THAN EVER] ‘YA YA YA’, and also member’s various single performances made the concert hall hot, the local fans were singing together with MXM and MSM got impressed by fans attentions.
After MXM finished their first America concert, they said “Thank you for supporting us and loving MXM. It was an honor and very great opportunity to meet and perform with fans in person, we just felt that we really need to keep moving and prepare harder to repay for fans love” 

After debut of MSM they finished successfully their first Asia fan meeting tour and second Asia fan meeting tour ‘ZEPP TOUR’ in Japan, Through this concert, they receives a lot of attention of their growth as a global Idol.

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