VIXX's new song "Walking" unveiled last Feb 1.

VIXX unveiled the new digital single 'Walking' and music video through various online music sites last Feb 1.

New song of the VIXX "Walking" is a ballad song is different from other songs that have been released so far, and has participated in rap making by member N and Ravi, which captures the heartfelt feelings of his precious person.

On an audio teaser released on the 30th, with VIXX's mournful voice, and the lyrics enhance the warm moods and touchs the heart of the fans.

VIXX showed their new song "Walking" for the first time at fan meeting of the fifth star of "ST★RLIGHT" on the 27th to expressing his gratitude. The leader of VIXX N said “We wrote this song with sincerity and the story that we wanted to tell members each other and also the fans.”

Then Ravi added the word “Thank you for the supporting us and we can still be here because of the fans love”

In addition, in the music video of the fan meeting, the members' eyes looking their fans and moments of emotion are displayed on the screen, that shows they really care and love the fans.

VIXX's new digital single “Walking” released through various music sources at last Feb 1.

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