SF9 Chani plays a refreshing romance character in web drama ‘love in your taste’

Chani plays the character of Yun dan, a popular character with a warm appearance and a sweet personality, in the drama "Love as your Taste," which is released through Olleh TV Mobile and YouTube channel "BambooTV"

Chani played the perfect character of Hwang Woo Ju in the JTBC drama 'SKY Castle,' which has only one episode left, with the popularity of the syndrome. Chani who left a unique presence in the film due to his strong emotional performance, plans to make a 180 degree difference style in the web drama ‘love in your taste’.

Yun Dan played by Chani in "Love in your taste," is a man with friendly and sweet charm, as his name. usually Chani played mature characters who have inner pain in dramas such as "Signal" and "SKY Castle," which are attracting attention as he shows a relationship of his age.

Chani in the released, excitement by saying, "do you like meat or me?" and sometimes shows a man who manly to his rival. As it's a love story for young people in their 20s, Chani show off her sweet charm through the character Yun Dan, and lot of people are excited to watch.

‘love in your taste’ is a web drama about romance between young people who are hungry for love, and it is played by comparing love stories between men and women in their 20s to food and cooking processes. The first and second episodes revealed through Olleh TV Mobile at 10:00 am. 30th.

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