Daniel Kang, Became 'Super Star' Already

[THE FACT] The singer Daniel Kang has finished his activities as Wanna One and completed the preparation to become solo singer.

On 31st last month, LM Entertainment, the new agency of Daniel Kang, has officially disclosed as, “The exclusive contract of Daniel Kang and Yoon Jisung has ended as of January 31st and transferred to the new agent LM Entertainment”. And also announced “LM Entertainment, as the professional entertainment company for Daniel Kang and Yoon Jisung, will do our best to support the two of them”.

Also, the announcement of the fandom name promotion for Daniel Kang has been posted on the fan café of Daniel Kang on this day. Daniel Kang’s side announced as, “We are going to promote the official fandom name together with the fans who are currently waiting for the new start of Daniel Kang. Please send us many opinions with love as it is a precious name that will symbolize us in the future”.

Daniel Kang is already showing sufficient star ability already as a solo singer. Previously, the fan café of Daniel Kang has surpassed 100 thousand members in 39 hours and 34 minutes from its opening, and on the 23rd, MMO Entertainment has announced as “the members of Daniel Kang’s fan café has surpassed 100 thousand as of 3:34 am”. This is the faster record than the Wanna One’s fan café to reach 100 thousand which took 52 hours and 50 minutes.

On the other hand, the fans of Daniel Kang are sending supporting messages to Daniel Kang who is preparing his comeback with his new path, such as “Daniel Kang, I will support your new start”(dbud****), “Daniel Kang, I will be together in your new start. I’m already excited with the fandom name”(star122500), “Daniel Kang, I will support your new start. Please take care of him LM Entertainment”(yess****), “Daniel Kang, we will expect your solo activities. We support you always”(audt****), etc.

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