Brown Eyed Girls, What kind of legendary song will they leave? 

[THE FACT] The girl group Brown Eyed Girls will meet the fans with an album soon. It’s been 3 years after the 6th album.

On the 29th, Mystic Entertainment, the agency of Brown Eyed Girls told <THE FACT> through a call as, “Brown Eyes Girls are coming back with complete 4 members. They are currently preparing an album for their comeback during the first half of the year.”  

With this, Brown Eyed Girls are coming back to music industry after 3 years since their 6th album ‘BASIC’ released in 2015. The members have been active individually by appearing entertainment programs or releasing solo albums.

Because it has been a while for the Brown Eyed Girls activity, the netizens are also excited. With the news regarding the new album of Brown Eyed Girls, netizens congratulated the resume of Brown Eyed Girls activity and commented “I’m excited. Thank you for releasing new songs Nuna!(stev****) “I’ve been waiting! Brown Eyed Girls have been together for my school days!” (sooj****), “Oh I’m so excited. I would like to see more popular song this time, Brown Eyed Girls” (ukyu****) “Wow, thank you for not getting separated and for being active continuously. I’m excited”(jun_****) “I liked all the songs. I’ll be waiting” (pooh****), etc.
Brown Eyed Girls has disclosed their year-end gathering with complete members last December and has showed off their solid relationship. 

Meanwhile, Brown Eyed Girls made their debut 2006 and now became 14 years’ anniversary this year. They have been releasing various hit songs such as ‘My Style’ ‘Sign’ ‘Sixth sense’ etc.

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