The seven-member goy group ONF’s third mini album ‘WE MUST LOVE’ is unveiling.

ONF has opened the teaser image that indicates the track list together with the message ‘ONF 3rd Mini Album –We Must Love Track List Coming Soon 2019.02.07 #ONF #ONOFF #WeMustLove’ and has added the excitement of the public.

In the released teaser images, it is listed the other way from 5th track going to 1st track. Also, on the post-it beside the track list on the paper has hand written message of “began the trip to look for you, the identity of this jealousy that I’m currently feeling, is the feeling in the middle of the life, and a reason why I became warm, and my long trip has ended after I met you” which attracted the attention of the public and it raised the curiosity on what will be the connection and the story between the tracks are.

Meanwhile, ONF’s 3rd mini album ‘WE MUST LOVE’ will be releasing at 6 pm on February 7th through various soundtrack sites.

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