Group ATEEZ will meet local fans through the North American tour concert.

KQ Entertainment announced on 31st about ATEEZ’s concerts, The Expedition Tour In USA' starting this coming March. please give them a lot if attention and love.

The tour will begin in Los Angeles on March 14 and visit five cities, Dallas on March 17, Chicago on March 20, Atlanta on March 22, and New York on March 24. Since this is their first world tour, ATEEZ is planning to join fans with high quality performances.

Especially the U.S. tour, all the seats were sold out at the same time as the opening of the tickets, proved that they are emerging as a "Global Rookie" with explosive interest from world fans.

The tour was carried out through My Music Taste, a global performance planning service based on fan requests, it is a rare situation for a rookie 100 days after his debut.

More information about the tour can be found on the official website of My Music Taste

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