SEVENTEEN has won two gold medals in music broadcasting with the title song "Home" from their 6th mini album "YOU MADE MY DAWN."

MBC Music Show! Champion on the 30th! SEVENTEEN topped their comeback with their title song "Home" from 6th mini album, also topped in Mnet "M Countdown," which was on the 31st, and won the top two gold medals in music programs.

SEVENTEEN continues to write the best and the first records including the music and music charts with their 6th mini album, hosting special MCs as well as performing the title song "Home" on the same day, attracting many people's attention with various charm.
S.coups, Jeong Han and Joshua got the special MC, and With witty and smooth proceeding, stage of the their title song “Home”, performance was highly acclaimed, with its sophisticated visual and sweet vocals.

SEVENTEEN performed was ranked No. 1 in "M Countdown" and said, "This award is made by CARATs. I really want to thank and love CARATs. "I will continue to be an artist who can comfort CARATs and many others." Showed their honor to the fans.

SEVENTEEN has been successful, and got two medal in 'Show Chanmpion’ and 'M Countdown', they have continued to be No. 1 in music broadcasts, topped the album charts and social charts for four weeks in 2019, topped the iTunes album charts in 29 countries, and topped the combined total album rankings for the first time by a Korean artist in Japan's Oricon.

As a result, attention is focusing on how far SEVENTEEN will perform and solidify its position in the music industry.

SEVENTEEN won the top two gold medals in music broadcasts, they will continue to be active in broadcasting with the title song "Home" of their 6th mini album.

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