Group NU’EST Min Hyun met his fans on V LIVE.

NU’EST Min Hyun hosted a live broadcast titled "Min Hyun is here" on the official V LIVE channel (June 31), and said nice greetings to fans, and shared various stories, including recent events.

Earlier, NU’EST held 'NU'EST WEEK' through official SNS from the 27th and released one selfie per day for each member, and hinting that full member activity is imminent, and 31th received explosive responses from fans by announcing that Min Hyun will conduct V LIVE on his own personal SNS account.

Despite the surprise launch of V LIVE without notice in advance, fans quickly entered broadcasting and recorded more than 550,000 viewers in a short period of time, drawing heated attention just by Min Hyun's appearance.

First, Min Hyun said, "Hi, I'm NU’EST Min Hyun." He started with a bright greeting. "The title is the same as when I did V LIVE alone, I decided to choose a title, include the memory andmind." He explained the meaning of the title and showed his trembling heart to the solo V LIVE.

Min Hyun answered questions from fans and told them what he was up to. Regarding the upcoming New Year's Day, he gave warm words of blessing to fans, recommending their favorite music and singing songs, and melting the hearts of the viewers with a sweet voice.

Min Hyun said, "Don't you think there will be a lot of times to do V LIVE in the future? I'll try to come again and see you soon," "I'll try to communicate with fans more often, " he drew attentions and cheers from his fans.

And last, he said, "It's been a long time since I've done V LIVE alone, and I've been encouraged by all the good words and support you gave me," and added, "I hope you'll finish your day well." Thank you guys," expressing his gratitude to the fans and showing off his explosive popularity by surpassing 40 million hearts during the V LIVE broadcast.

As a member of NU’EST, Min Hyun thanked to his fans for their work and promised to communicate more frequently, raising expectations about the future moves he will show with the members in the stage.

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