[The Fact] FAN N STAR opened the birthday project for Ten(NCT)

"FAN N STAR" opened a birthday support for Ten on Tuesday. This event is a support type electronic display board event that allows fans from home and world to participate directly.

The electronic display boards are located in the main centers of Korea and Japan. number of stars (points) that gather in a project, the more advertisements are placed in various places to celebrate Ten's birthday.

Participation on events is possible at the "Star Market" section of the "FAN N STAR" website. Anyone can apply, and if fans donate the star gained from various activities directly to Ten's birthday support.

FAN N STAR opened Ten's birthday project on February 2 last year. There have been 400 percent of fans' participation. From February 27 to March 5 of the same year, Ten's birthday celebration video was shown at electronic display board near Shinjuku Shinokubo Station in Tokyo, 43 stations in Seoul Subway Line 2 and Hongdae Station.

Attention is focusing on whether Ten's birthday event, which was held this year, will succeed or not.

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