[The Fact] An idol weekly website FAN N STAR operate by The Fact, has been open the support for the group A-pink Park Cho Rong's birthday celebration.

FAN N STAR started their birthday support for A-pink Park Cho Rong on the 1st. Fans are already rushing to participate in the electronic signboard supporting her on March 3 to celebrate her birthday.

Park Cho Rong's support program, hosted by "FAN N STAR" will show a congratulatory video on the Korean Wave in Shinjuku, Tokyo, once it achieves 100,000 stars.

If it reaches 200,000 stars, it will release its cheering video at 43 stations of subway stations in Seoul. And if it reaches 500,000 stars, it will advertise for foreigners' exclusive travel buses, and if it reaches 700,000, it will show a congratulatory video on the CGV screen in Apgujeong.

And A-pink released their 8th mini album "percent" on July 7.

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