Skilled male vocalist DK is coming as solo artist. 

Through the official SNS of Juice Entertainment on the 7th midnight, DK has officially announced the release of his new single album by posting the scheduler of his new piece. This new song is more meaningful since it is the first solo song releasing after DK has transferred to a new agency. 

In the released scheduler, the releasing date & time of the new single album ‘Lie’ has been listed together with the releasing dates of M/V photo image with lyrics preview, M/V teaser, which raised the curiosity of the public.

As a member of December who made his debut last 2009, has released various hit songs such as ‘I’ll become a star’, ‘If we love again’, ‘Love is so…’, etc. and also grabbed the ears of the listeners with his explosive vocal skills which made the public to be excited for the new song on what kind of sensibility will DK present this time.

DK signed the exclusive contract with Juice Entertainment in March last year and stepped up to be solo artists from a member of December, and has also showed off his capability as a skilled artist by successfully completing the OST of the drama ‘Suits’, and ‘Risky Romance’, and as well as the 2018 Year-end concert ‘DK Party Night’.

Meanwhile, the new single album ‘Lie’ of DK, who has announced his activity in new agency, is releasing at 6 pm on the 16th in various online soundtrack sites.

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