The musician The Black Skirts is coming back with new album after a year and 9 months. 

On the 7th, BESPOK, the new partner company of The Black Skirts has announced as “The Black Skirts is releasing a new album ‘THIRSTY’ at 6 pm on February 12.”

The new album ‘THIRSTY’ is the second full album of the 3rd full album which was announced that it will be released in to three different albums in total.

As the official teaser and album related information of the title song ‘Queen of Diamonds’ has released through the YouTube of BESPOK recently, the excitement of the fans who waited for so long to end the rest period of The Black Skirts are also increasing.

The new album ‘THIRSTY’ of The Black Skirts coming back after a year and 9 months, will be released at 6 pm on the 12th in various online soundtrack sites. 

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