The team has emerged as a rising sports idol at the 2019 New Year's Day in Idol Star Athletics championship Bowling, Archery, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Penalty kick Competition 

On MBC's "2019 Idol Star Athletics championship" broadcast on last 5 and 6, the team won gold medals in women's bowling and archery events, got viewers' attention by winning two gold medals.

In the women's bowling competition, the GUGUDAN team(Se Jeong, Mina) and the CELEB FIVE advanced to the finals. Se Jeong dominated the other team with strike and spare treatment from the start, while Mina also continued to play a clean game with stable pitching and strike.

GUGUDAN team(Se Jeong, Mina) With their skills, they scored 155 points, setting a new record with the women's bowling championship, and even showing their winning ceremony. Mina played bowling and rolled in front, while Se Jeong made a strike even with Ahn Young Mi, drawing cheers with her unique bowling skills.

GUGUDAN team won the championship in bowling and archery, also made it to the finals. Gugudan (Hana, Se Jeong, and Mina) expressed their determination to challenge the new record, and with stable skills, Hana, Mina, and Se Jeong shot 10 points. Having played the perfect game until the end, GUGUDAN achieved two consecutive archery titles with 91 points, and following the previous tournament.

GUGUDAN won gold medals in archery following bowling and showed off their dignity by enjoyed their winning in the championship.

Meanwhile, GUGUDN has attracted with their own charm in various genres such as entertainment, advertising, and the music.

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