Hyung Sub X Eui Woong said a few words of thanks to their fan during “Idol stars athletics championship“

After Hyung Sub X Eui Woong participating in MBC's "2019 New Idol Star Athletics championship Bowling and Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition," which broadcasted for two days starting from last 5th, they expressed their feelings along with photos in social media.

Hyung Sub said “It was a short time, but did you enjoyed? See you for a longer next time and have a nice last holiday.” And Eui Woong said “It was so fun with you guys! And I think it was more fun because you supported us a lot. Thank you! Have a nice day” they sent the message to their fans.

Meanwhile, Hyung Sub X Eui Woong is active in a number of programs, including “'Tok! Tok! Boni Hani”

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