[The Fact] What is the surprise gift from the fans?

FAN N STAR proceeds the birthday project of Jung Joon Young. This is a big electronic display board event to celebrate Jung Joon Young’s birthday on the this coming 21st.

The display boards are located in the main centers of Korea and Japan. global support that will be shown A congratulatory message written by fans with pictures of Jung Joon Young. Five comments will be shown in the display board.

Participation in the event can be done at the ‘Star Market’ section of the "FAN N STAR" website. Fans are able to earn the star from a lot of activities in the website and can donate the stars to the birthday event for Jung Joon Young.

Currently, Jung Joon Young's birthday project has reached 32 percent. Attention is focusing on whether or not it will be able to surpass 100 percent in the remaining period of the event.

Meanwhile, FAN N STAR is currently holding the first week of voting in February. The vote will be continue until 11th.

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