[The Fact] Happy birthday Lee Hong Gi!!

FAN N STAR is currently working on Hong Gi's birthday project. It is an electronic display board event that will be completed through the cooperation of global fans.

The success of the project is determined by the number of stars that fans donate. The more stars are gathered, the more advertisements for Hong Gi's birthday celebration are posted in various places.

When the star reaches 100 percent, a video of Hong Gi’s birthday film will be displayed on the display board of 43 stations on subway line 2 in Seoul. If star reaches 400,000 stars, there will be a film screening of the subway and an advertisement for a travel bus. When 600,000 stars are reached, the CGV screen in Apgujeong will also display a congratulatory advertisement film.
Lee Hong Gi has been active in many fields, including singing, acting, and entertainment. It is expected that the surprise event marking his birthday will be able to fill the goal.

Meanwhile, His fans are able to see him in the drama as top star named “Cha Yool” in "I hate you! Juliet", and it will be shown at 14th 10:00 am. on the video platform oksusu.

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