Five member boy group VANNER, has released a profile picture.

New boy group VANNER will make their debut on the 14th, released profile pictures through their official SNS.

In the profile picture released, the members showed chic fashion, an indifferent look, and a coloured hair with charismatic eyes.

In the group profile picture, the members of VANNER showed overwhelming visuals with colorful, casual costumes and eyes.

Especially  VANNER will hold press showcase and fan showcase on the 13th, the eve of their debut, and will release the title track "Better Do Better."

VT Entertainment, the agency of VANNER said "They wanted to meet fans who loved them even before their debut," they will meet their fans with many activities in the future, so please give them a lot of love and support."

The new boy band VANNER established a fandom even before they debut in Japan with more than 200 concerts last year, and as a group of talented people with both visual and technical skills, which is drawing expectations.

Meanwhile, VANNER make a surprise debut with their first full length album [V] at noon on the 14th.

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