Lee Su Rin one who became as a star in Mnet "Show me the money 777," will change his rap name and release his first EP album.

Lee Su Rin changed his rap name from "LUDA" to " unofficialboyy " and release an EP album at 6 pm. Aug. 8. with seven songs, including the title song "unofficialboyy”

The title song, "unoffcialboyy," is a song unique to Lee Su Rin, which stimulates the listeners' ears with his uniqueness and rap skills. "Skull" on track 7 made a free style rap into an album, thus attaining the title of "SRS 2015" in the free style rap battle competition. especially, the album is expected by shouting "unoffcialboyy " on each track.

The album was produced by "Ian Purp," which produced the album of moon Swings' rising star Jvcki Wai from Indigo Music, in collaboration with "unoffcialboyy”. In addition, rappers 'Papi', 'Yammo' and 'LO VOLF' also participate in featuring to enjoy more colorful hip hop. Mixing and mastering of all tracks were completed with even more wonderful sounds through the hands of hip hop engineers through F.A.M.E RECORDS LA, the American branch of F.A.M.E Records.

Meanwhile, F.A.M.E. RECORDS was established in 2017, is a new hip hop label  with "BULLY DA BA$TARD," "DEX," and "DOLO," and albums of artists are waiting to be released.

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