Singer Song writer Woody has firmly maintained the top of the music charts throughout the New Year holiday.

Woody's new digital single "Fire up" is ranked first on major real time music charts such as Melon, Genie, Olleh, Mnet, Soribada, and Flo as of 8 am. on Thursday.

This “Fire up” is Woody's own song with lyrics about whether the ex lover will be able to dance or feel his feelings if she hears his song coming out of the club.

On SBS's "The Music Trend" aired on the 3rd, Woody staged his first live music broadcast with "Fire up" which drew more attention. After the stage, Woody said, "I was so nervous...I'll do better next time. "all the people are not here to see me, but I was very grateful that everyone applauded in the audience,"

Woody debut 8 years ago as an artist, as a boy band "N-Train" and has been playing his own music at the indie scene since the group was disbanded. He is currently working on music as a singer song writer with Indian label, and he is receiving high public attention for the first time after a long period of obscurity.

Especially since its release, Kim Sang Soo, a baseball player with the Samsung Lions team as well as fellow baseball players Koo Ja wook, Park Geon Woo, Heo Kyung Min, short track gold medalists Lim Hyo Joon, professional golfer Park Sung Hyun, FC Entourage team mate and singer Roy Kim, and Jung Joon Young, a lot of celebrities are supporting him. And it drew the attention from the fans.

Meanwhile, Woody has demonstrated charts for the ninth day, will continue his vigorous musical career.

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