Rapper Cheetah ended her first competition in “KILL BILL” with the top of the list.

In MBC's "Target: Billboard - KILL BILL" broadcasted on the 7th, Cheetah's primary stage received explosive responses from the audiences.

On the day, Cheetah appeared with professional and perfect rehearsals, stage preparations before she entered the first competition. the practice continued until dawn led to a strong sense of confidence in the stage.

Especially appearance of the rapper cheetah as a contestant, audiences and fans on the scene, welcomed fellow entertainers. Cheetah appeared wearing a red rider jacket on the stage that remixed the title song, overwhelmed the audience by rapping without any special performances, drawing admiration from rival rappers.

The group Rhythm Power said to Cheetah's stage, "She was like possessed by a spirit, she will going to be the top of the list," and Jessie said "I felt that cheetah prepared so perfectly. It was so cool" with her thumb

After finishing the stage, Cheetah showed humility, saying, "I think I’m in the middle of the list," but finished the first competition with the top three. Cheetah showed the return of the Queen through "KILL BILL" and she will show her power in each mission.

"KILL BILL" is a hip hop survival program where top Korean rappers such as Cheetah, YDG , Dok2, Jessie, San E, Rhythm Power, and Bewhy are gathered. It broadcasts every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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