Chani's behind scenes romance with various charms has been unveiled.

Chani played the role of a good looking with sweet sentimental, popular man named Yun Dan in the web drama "Love in your taste," which is shown on Olleh tv Mobile at 10 am. every Monday and Wednesday.

In a behind scenes photo, Chani shows a difference image. Reading the script carefully before shooting, it shows the his truth about the acting, and In another picture, he is smiling, staring at the camera and holding a fork in his mouth. In addition, also V with his hands, giving the impression of a warm moods on the shooting scene.

Chani played the role of the "Hwang Woo Ju" a clean actor with perfect personality and character in the recently released JTBC's "SKY Castle," was praised for his mature emotional acting and drawed the attention of audience. In "Love in your taste” after the release, Chani portrays a fresh love affair of 20’s college student and shows off a completely different charm.

Yun Dan played by Chan Hee in “Love in your taste” is a friendly, soft spoken sweet guy. Chani is also a character who is open to the emotion of love and changes himself into a straight man, drawing attention by expressing it in a different way than when he played Hwang Woo ju in “SKY Castle”. In addition, Chani cooks in the middle of the dish, is a different point of view.

Meanwhile, "Love in your taste" is a food web drama about romance among young people in their 20s, which is based on food and cooking. You can see "Love in your taste" through Olleh tv Mobile and YouTube channel Bamboo TV.

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