New boy group VANNER released the MV still cut.

VANNER is set to make their debut on this coming 14th, unveiled the music video still cut of the title track "Better Do Better" from their first full length album [V]. Also, actress Jeon Hye Won is drawing attention of her appearance as a main character in the music video.

In the still cut of MV, it released the members of the VANNER wearing casual clothes are staring at one place with a surprised look. and charismatic look, characterful fashion, with a bouquet of colorful flowers they mesmerize the females.

Especially, expectations for the music video have been raised as picture of Jeon Hye Won sitting on the sofa and straight at the front with an expressionless face was revealed.

VANNER will also hold the press showcase and fan showcase on the 13th, before their debut, and they will release their debut album "Better Do Better."

VANNER demonstrated their skills with more than 200 concerts in Japan, got own fan club even before their debut since last year and they are known as a talented group with visual and technical skills, and it is drawing expectations from public and also related people. VANNER has been making headlines with their bold moves to release a full length album and announce the release of the showcase.

Meanwhile, VANNER will release their first full length album [V] at noon on the 14th, and make a surprise debut.

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