The Rapper of VIXX RAVI and Chung Ha met for their collaboration.

Ravi released a photo shot with Chung Ha on his official SNS on last 7th, along with the phrase "RAVI with CHUNGHA 2019. 2. 18 6PM Release," and announced that his new songs Collection Partner, which will be released on the 18th.

Ravi revealed the phrase "Next month with Chung Ha" on his SNS last month, raising curiosity among his fans.

In the photo released, Ravi and Chung Ha posed in the same pose, stared at the camera with smiling face.

Starting with his first solo album “R.EAL1ZE”, he released several mixed tapes and recently released VIXXs new song "WALKING" which has a unique color and has become a powerful rapper, and with the successful completion of the new song "Gotta go" Chung Ha, the special collaboration of RAVI and Chung Ha is rising expectation and curiosity of their fans

Ravi's new song will be released on a variety of music websites at 6 pm. on the 18th.

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