SHINEE Tae Min, a member of SM Entertainment, has started to countdown the comeback of his second mini album "WANT".

The second mini album "WANT," which will be released on various music websites at 6 pm. On 11th, will be able to meet seven tracks, including the title song "WANT," which is highly anticipated with "Killing Temptation Song," as well as solo singer Tae Min's colorful charm and deeper music color.

"Artistic Groove" in this album is an impressive pop song with the refrain's groovy melody line and repeated hooks, with the lyrics drawn by two people attracted to each other at first sight, and minor scale pop song "Shadow" is a metaphor for "shadow" that cannot remove the unforgettable memory of love, and the pain of parting in place no matter how much you run away.

"Truth," a Future R&B ballad song with a different expression of "Love", "Never Forever," an R&B pop song that depicts love in two, drawing infinite symbols and splitting into two, "Monologue," an R&B ballad song that combines piano melody with string quartet, It will be enough to meet Tae Min's unique music style by forming a total of seven tracks from 'WANT to 'Outro~'.

Tae Min's second mini album, "WANT," will also be released on February 11th.

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