ASTRO ranked eighth on the U.S. Billboard 'Social 50' chart.

According to the latest chart released by Billboard on Tuesday (local time), Astro ranked eighth on the "Social 50" chart, proving high interest at home and abroad.

The social 50 chart is based on data compiled by music analysis company Next Big Sound and is the chart that selects the most popular artists on SNS such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Astro topped music broadcasts after their debut with thier regular first album 'All Night' and ranked 10th on the Billboard social chart.

Astro released their first full length album "All Light", successfully changed their image with their title song "All Night" into a sexy style. the members' attention has been focused on a full length comeback in about a year and two months, as they have become prominent in various fields such as drama, entertainment, and music. Among these albums, ASTRO's mature charm and at the same time they made a comeback, the new ASTRO's appearance was enough to raise expectations about the possibility of an infinite transformation for the next six members.

ASTRO has successfully completed their official career with the first full album title song 'All Night', and hold their third fan meeting 'The 3rd ASTRO AROHA Festival [BLACK]' this coming March 2,, also going to hold their first world tour concert called 'ASTRO The 2nd ASTROAD TOUR [STAR LIGHT] and start shooting fans from world.

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