[The Fact] Duo group JBJ95 came in first place for the fourth consecutive week of voting for 'FAN N STAR ' Rising star."

JBJ95 took first place with 152,078 votes in the first week of "FAN N STAR" in February. Roh Tae Hyun came in second with 98,562 votes, while Golden Child finished third with 53,633 votes.

The candidate is for artists with the potential to be chosen arbitrarily by FAN N STAR and one who emerge as a trend in the future, Any artist who is growing up with unique music activities regardless of his or her debut year, gender or age can be nominated.

Winning the top spot in the Rising Star for five consecutive weeks gives the wimmer a special benefits. First of all, they will announce news of the award on South Korea, Japan, and China's "The Facts." The good news that won the rising star award is available in foreign countries as well as in Korea. By announcing the news of the award to foreign countries, the company will have the opportunity to become a global artist. Especially, he or she will be nominated for the "The Fact Music Awards," which will be held on April 24.

Also, a video clip celebrating the winner will be shown in the waiting room of 43 stations on the Korean subway line No. 2.

On the news of JBJ95's 1st place, the nickname "KIEN" was "JBJ95! Sang Gyun! Kenta! It's starting now!! Congratulations on your 1st place for the fourth consecutive week in the rising star. I'll always cheer for you! Let's be together for a long time!"

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