The girl group GWSN is coming back with a new album this Spring. 

On the 11th, the agency Kiwi Media Group announced as, “GWSN is about to comeback by releasing their 2nd album this coming March.”.

GWSN, who entered the music industry with their debut album ‘THE PARK IN THE NIGHT part one’ in September last year, has become a major rookie girl group by presenting the activities with their title song ‘Puzzle Moon.

While many comeback and debut of the most expected idols are scheduled during March, GWSN announced their comeback as well on the same month so the public is paying attention to this already.

“GWSN is currently concentrating on their preparation for the new album to show more upgraded music and performances since they ended their activities with the debut album. They will be coming back to the fans with another new images so please expect and support them a lot.”, said Kiwi Media Group.

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