[The Fact] What’s the gift from her Fan club?

"FAN N STAR" held a birthday event for the group Girls' Generation, Tae Yeon. Advertising celebrating Tae Yeon's birthday is a big project that is shows in the main centers of Korea and Japan.

Tae Yeon's birthday market is a support type project that allows domestic and foreign fans to participate in the event, and its success depends on the rate of the star based on fans participation.

When 100 percent of the stars are reached, a message of congratulation will be displayed on the electronic display board of the waiting room at 43 stations on subway line 2 in Seoul. When the star reaches 400 percent, a video showing the electronic display board of subway line No. 2 will be displayed as well as an advertisement for a travel bus.

When 600 percent of the stars are reached, advertisements will be posted on video screening of subway lines 2 in Seoul, and also on CGV in Apgujeong. If it reached 900 percent of stars, it will expand its advertising space to Hongdae Station.

Tae Yeon's birthday support will be held until the 24th, and you can participate in the "Star Market" section on the "FAN N STAR" website.

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