Boy group MONSTA X has turned into seven dreamy men.

The agency Starship Entertainment made headlines through official SNS channel on the 10th by posting sequentially "THE 2ND ALBUM: TAKE.2 'WE ARE HERE'" (AHE) 3rd concept photo, unit and group, which is the second part of MONSTA X's regular second album.

MONSTA X catches the eye by creating a dreamy beauty between colorful background and mysteriously decorated flowers. In particular, the members in the individual cut are all wearing red apples in one hand.

Shownu unlike his usual intense image, reveals a soft yet warm aura. Also, Won ho overwhelms his eyes with a look of innocence. Min hyuk looks at the camera with his eyes melted into deep emotion and gives off his unique charm.

Ki hyun appeared in the background of purple, shows a clear image with colorful visuals. The Hyung won looks down at the bottom with a deep look and fascinates those who see as mysterious. Joo heon is a wild but deep-feeling visual, full of dreamy charisma, while I.M. is leaning lightly on a colorful patterned sofa, spouting enchanting eyes, drawing attention.

MONSTA X predicted to capture a message of hope through their album with a deeper world view, opened their soft charisma and clean and pure concept photo one after another, raising expectations from fans. MONSTA X also revealed all the concept photos expressing dreamy beauty, and adding to curiosity as it leaves only one release of the concept photos in the future. In addition, there will be various contents such as track list, music video teaser, and album preview, which will raise questions about the comeback.

MONSTA X will make a comeback with their new album "THE 2ND ALBUM: TAKE.2 'WE ARE HERE' on the 18th.

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