[The Fact] 'MJ birthday support is in progress!'

"FAN N STAR" is holding a birthday support for group Astro MJ on the 11th. We are catching the attention of fans with big projects posted in various places.

The number of stars donated by fans determines their success. The more stars are gathered, the more advertisements are placed in various places to celebrate MJ's birthday. If more than 100,000 stars are gathered, a congratulatory video will be shown on the screen of the reception hall at 43 stations on subway line 2 in Seoul. Participation in the event can be done on the ‘FAN N STAR’ website and in the application.

Astro's fans donate their stars directly to MJ's birthday market. Stars can be easily obtained by doing various activities on a site. The number of applications is unlimited.

Earlier, FAN N STAR opened a birthday project for member Moon Bin on December 29, 2017. It was achieved 100 percent thanks by the fans' enthusiastic love. Moon's birthday celebration video was shown on a display board near Shinjuku Shinokubo Station in Tokyo for a week from January 23 to January 29, 2018.

Attention is focusing on whether MJ's birthday support will succeed after Moon Bin.

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