Tae Woong X Eui Woong’s cute trip in seoul is drawing lot of attention.

A delightful trip to Hong dae by Lee Eui Woong and Han Tae Woong's brother was released on a YouTube channel by boy farmer Han Tae Woong on last 10th, showing the charming faces of the two high school students.

Han Tae Woong was once a boy and farmer for one of the program TVN planned a trip to Seoul, saying, "Winter is a season for farmers vacation," and spent a pleasant day by calling himself Lee Eui Woong's guide on a solo trip to Seoul.

Lee Eui Woong and Han Tae Woong, 3rd and 1st grade of high school student, shared their daily lives eating sundae, tteokbokki, and fried foods in Hongdae.

Lee Eui Woong heard of Han Tae Woong's hobby that he usually goes to singing room, showed Han Tae Woong to a singing room in Hongdae.

He also showed off his brother by teaching him how to use self cam as a current idol.

The tour of the singing room with a current idol group and trot prodigy was unfortunately handed over to the next episode.

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