Boy group M.O.N.T. is set to go on a world tour.

The Agency FM Entertainment said “M.O.N.T will start in India at the end of March and hold tours in Colombia, six cities in the U.S. and seven European countries to meet local fans nearby,"

Especially, M.O.N.T's world concert will be thier first solo concert since their official debut, and will feature a stage full of charm among the grown ups.

M.O.N.T has been meeting foreign fans, released their debut album "Going Up" on various music websites on last month of 4th and performed as the title song "Will you be my girlfriend?." Even before their debut, they performed in Israel, Brazil, Poland, and India and had early stage experiences and communicated with world fans.

M.O.N.T will captivate korean and foreign fans, also heralding global performances through their world tours.

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