B.I.G is expected to become a global idol along with Arab popular group The Five's 'La Bezaf' cover song.

The magazine released a video of The Five's ' La Bezzaf ' cover on their official YouTube channel on January 31. The video successfully generated enthusiastic response from local fans by surpassing 900,000 views as of 12th.

The cover started when B.I.G recently appeared on KBSWORLD radio Arbic 'STAR Interview' and released "La Bezzaf" live. At that time, the MC was surprised, saying, "It's the first time that Korean singers have come out and covered Arabic songs," and local listeners also responded enthusiastically.

With the latest cover film, B.I.G introduced "La Bezzaf" which is more mature and refined. With their own emotions, they have performed songs and performed performances and rapping, and have surprised everyone with their Arabic skills they have trained.

B.I.G's "La Bezzaf" cover has exceeded more than 900,000 and is expected to show a steady rise in the number of views, and comments have spread nearly 30,000 Arabic and various emoticons. Arab media are continuing their requests for interviews with B.I.G, who has been friendly to local fans.

Local group The Five also responded. They shared B.I.G's cover video via their SNS and said, "B.I.G’s cover video is really good. It is an honor for the Korean boy band to cover our songs.”

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