A three-member boy group TREI released their first reality show, "TREI Time Begins," on 14th morning through Naver V Live.

TREI made a surprise announcement on the scene of shooting a music video with their feelings about debut. Chae Chang hyun said "We’re glad that we've been practicing for a long time and we're finally on the same team, and looking forward to seeing the results officially," and Kim Jun tae said "I'm so impressed that we can make our debut thanks to all the people who love us. We will try to show you a better side of ourselves all the time,”

Chae Chang hyun explained about their debut song, which will be released on the 19th. When asked what comes to mind after listening to the song, Chae Chang hyun, who participated in the entire album work, including composing and producing, answered "start." "I felt like I was starting to listen to the song." Lee Jae jun, answerd "cloud," I'm sure many of you feel like cloud can’t be caught. the lyrics and mood of the song are like woman, so I felt like a song and a perfect combination of the songs"

And TREI said "We will always develop and practice humbly and sincerely treat my fans with a more mature and hard working attitude as it has taken us a long time to make our debut,"

TREI is the first boy group to be launched at Banana Culture Entertainment, and all of the members are receiving attention as they are capable of singing songs, writing, composition, and production even before their official debut, starting with their debut showcase on this coming 19th.

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