NATURE has been appeared in “Baek Jong won's Alley Restaurant”

On SBS's "Baek Jong won's Alley Restaurant" which broadcasted on the afternoon of last 13th, NATURE made surprise appearances in most recent episode of “Baek Jong won's Alley Restaurant”

On the same day, Baek Jong won visited the in Hoegi dong. then he gave cream cheese and sweet potato mousse to the owner of Bungeoppang store, and started to solve the problem of ingredients.

The girl group NATURE was in charge of evaluating the taste of Bungeoppang. NATURE made their first impression by revealing alley in Hoegi dong, attracted viewers with their eating.

Nature showed affinity to the owner of Bungeoppang, said, "We will take all these Bungeoppang here," and stimulated salivary glands with sincere and vivid taste evaluations. "Most of Bungeoppang has red beans just in the middle, but Bungeoppang here is full of red bean,"

Despite the surprise appearance on the day, Nature draw the attention by dominating real time search.

NATURE is active in an entertainment program, and also currently active with their second single "Dream About U."

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