Dream Note celebrated their 100th anniversary.

Dream Note had a great time when they posted a video celebrating their debut on the 100th through an official YouTube channel on the morning of last 14th.

"Today is the 100th day of Dream Note's debut. "It's already 100 days since we took our first step in the world," Dream Note said. "We’re so moved."

"It was like yesterday that we had a showcase on November 7th. We had a music broadcast and had a great time with our fans on V LIVE and fan cafe, we think that we've been able to work hard because we had fans every time." "Thank you so much." Dream Note thanked to their fans.

Dream Note said "We will become a Dream Note that work harder thanks to the support of our fans. we hope that we can make good memories together in the future. "Congratulations on the 100th day once again,".then finished there Live.

Dream Note had their debut album "Dreamlike" in November last year, made an eye catching debut by showing off bright visuals and new skills while working as the title song "DREAM NOTE" and the follow up song "Like you."

Dream Note, which ended its debut by producing its own Teengle (Teenage + Beagle), is stepping up preparations for a new album to make a comeback with an upgraded look.

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