Girl group 9 Muses greeted their fans with a good bye single 'Remember'.

9 Muses released their Goodbye single 'Remember' on 14th at noon through various music websites and end their nine year group activities.

"Remember" is an R&B ballad style song with a true confession of 9 Muses, and it is a song that allows members to feel the emotion of 9 Muses, which maximizes their vocal ability and sensitivity.

As you can see in the lyrics, the song shows the love and gratitude for fans who have been around for a long time.

9 Muses has made their debut in the music scene with their 2010 album "Let's Have A Party," "Ticket," "News," "Doles," "Wilds," "DRAMA," and "LOVE CITY." received a lot of love by releasing successive hit songs.

9 Muses have remained a unique group for nine years, trying to make a different change in every album, with their intense charisma on the stage.

It is regrettable that the last song of girl group 9 Muses as they has acquired the modifier of model idol with unique physical and colorful visuals.

9 Muses announced their Good Buy single 'Remember' at noon 14th through various music websites, and the fan meeting on the 24th will be the last to conclude all official activities of 9 Muses.

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