Singer Jung Joon il's concert "Winter" will be held in region areas.

The agency MY Music officially announced "Additional performances of Jung Joon il's 2018 small concert "Winter," which was successfully completed in November last year, will be held in Busan, Jeonju, and Incheon starting March," 

Thanks to enthusiastic support from fans, the concert will be held in Busan on March 16 and 17, Jeonju on March 30 and 31 and Incheon on April 6 and 7.

2018 ‘Winter’, which took 16 rounds in total for four weeks, attracted keep attention, the upcoming concert is expected to have a fierce ticket reservation battle.

"Winter" is a small concert with instruments and voices that are only composed of minimal instruments and voices for the performance concentrated on the sound of the orcs, and a brand concert that represents Jung Joon il along with the orchestra concert "Love" at the Grand Theater.

Meanwhile, the tickets for the concert "Winter" in Jeonju and Incheon will be opened on February 28 at 7 pm. and on March 7 at 7 pm.

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