Acting idol, The Man BLK’s leader Jeong Jin Hwan has transformed into Radio DJ. 
Jeong Jin Hwan, who casted the acting for Sunbae of the actress Kim Hyang Gi and sang ’Oppa’s Car’ in ‘#Drunk in Good Taste’, tvN drama broadcasted last December, spent time of communication with the fans by transforming into Radio DJ with sweet voice through V Live.

The radio channel was held with the subject of ‘Various Voices’, which was taken after the 1st debut mini album of ‘The Man BLK’, with the topic of ‘Beginning’ that matches the graduation season in February. Jeong Jin Hwan continued the sincere reply by introducing the stories of the listener received through the comments of the V Live Channel and official email of the Stadium.

Jeong Jin Hwan got sympathy for the candid answers by answering the question “I am being responsible in start-up preparation so please give advices as a leader of the team.” as, “I always think that the members will be acknowledging me if I will be a good person so I try to behave better.”. 

He didn’t forget the talk regarding the recent of ‘The Man BLK’. With the many questions regards to the future activities of The Man BLK, Jeong Jin Hwan showed affection for fans by answering as, “We are preparing hard for the next activities.” and “As you wait The Man BLK, we are also waiting for you as well.”.

The netizens who listened to the radio of Jeong Jin Hwan, kept on supporting Jeong Jin Hwan’s challenge for the Radio by commenting as “It feels like a dreams since The Man BLK has been away for so long.”, “Please be on the Radio where we can see you next time.”, “Wow, Daebak, your voice is so nice”, etc.

With the smooth hosting skills of Jeong Jin Hwan, which was held for about 40 minutes In V Live, gained the response of the public that he has taken over the radio beyond acting and singing.

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