New boy group VANNER released their debut album "V" and make their debut on Mnet 'Mcountdown'.

VANNER a new boy group with both visual and technical skills, released their debut album "V" at 12:00 pm. on last 14th.

VANNER's first debut album [V] was an unusual full length album for the rookie group, which included 17 tracks, including the Inst Track. Also, the members were said to have participated in various genres such as writing, composing, and chorus, as well as concepts and performances, which drew attention from the public and from related people.

The title song "Better Do Better" is a genre where future pop and the tropic House cross over, expressing the heart of a man in love with her twice as much as the heart of a man in love. Producers JINHYUK and Yoo Song yeon were also produced, and the member of VANNER participated in writing and composing.

VANNER also finished their first stage at the press showcase and fan showcase, which was held on last 13th, and successfully finished their fan signing event at the Sangam Esplax on 17th.

The new boy group VANNER established a fan club even before their debut in Japan with more than 200 concerts last year, and it is known as a group of talented people with both visual and technical skills, which is drawing public and expectations. VANNER has been making headlines with their unusual moves to release a full length album and announce the release of a showcase.

VANNER released their first full length album [V] at noon on last 14th and successfully made their debut on Mnet's "Mcountdown."

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